Behavioral Health & Human Service EHRs for Arizona

Simplifying Care, Compliance, and Performance for Arizona’s Behavioral Healthcare and Human Services Providers

As requirements for data collection and reporting continue to evolve, having a comprehensive EHR with data insight is vital for decision-making and ongoing quality improvements. Arizona’s behavioral health and human service providers rely on Qualifacts EHR platforms every day to achieve better outcomes, maximize revenue, and demonstrate high performance.

Our platform offers comprehensive support for Arizona State Reporting (AHCCS, SPQM, Census, etc.) and CCBHC requirements. Qualifacts EHRs provide advanced analytics for tracking KPIs, cost evaluation, and data-driven decision-making to enhance operational efficiency and cost savings. We simplify documentation processes through user-friendly interfaces, mobile solutions, and intuitive workflows. Additionally, our powerful rules-based Billing Matrix handles complex programs and funder-specific requirements, including managing multiple payers and rate cards. 

With Qualifacts you won’t get stuck using standard workflows that aren’t optimized for your needs. Our EHRs allow you to tailor workflows to your unique needs — forms, reporting, billing, outcomes collection — it’s all configurable. Agencies choose Qualifacts to increase efficiency and adapt to new requirements without costly vendor customizations and unexpected expenses. 

With over 60 customers in the state, we know the challenges Arizona’s behavioral health and human service providers face and we are committed to delivering EHR innovations, providing best-in-class customer support, and offering solutions so you can efficiently and effectively provide quality care and improve the lives of the clients you serve. Call us today at 866-386-6755 or schedule a custom demo directly with an Arizona representative.

Qualifacts by the numbers

  • #1 Best in KLAS Software 2023
  • 96% Customer Retention
  • 170+ CCBHC Customers
  • 2,500 Customers and 75,000 Providers
  • 8.6 Million Lives Covered
  • $10 Billion Claims Processed Per Year
  • 22+ Years Focused on Behavioral Health 

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Our Capabilities

  • Revenue Cycle
  • Staff Productivity
  • Medical/Psychiatric Support
  • Inpatient/Residential Support
  • Virtual Care Solutions
  • Scheduling & Intake
  • Actionable Data
  • Clinical Outcomes
  • Integrated/Primary Care
  • Compliance & State Reporting
  • Messaging & Notifications
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Form Building
  • Interoperability 
  • Client Engagement
  • Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning
  • Training & Support
  • Professional Services

Why Qualifacts?

Centering care around clients’ needs leads to better outcomes. That’s why our EHR platforms are highly configurable, from treatment planning to assessments and outcomes collection. Data-sharing is simpler, too, thanks to flexible integrations. The result is seamless care coordination and improved quality at every level. 

  • Highly configurable forms, fields, reports, and workflows with no add-on or version fees 
  • Efficient, user-friendly clinical workflows with minimal clicks, tailored to each agency’s needs with the ability to pre-populate fields 
  • Integration to Contexture HIE for Arizona, includes Outbound ADT message type including SMI data 
  • Clinical Decision-Making tools for optimizing client outcomes through treatment suggestions, preventive care reminders, and identifying potential drug interactions  
  • Access to evidence-based assessments, outcome instruments, and real time data on client progress 
  • Virtual Care and Patient Portal for enhanced client engagement 
  • Seamlessly work online and offline with our integrated mobile solution for Community Based Services 
  • Robust analytics dashboards help your organization improve outcomes with data-driven insights 
  • Integrated American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria to conduct comprehensive biopsychosocial assessments for treatment planning and level of care determination 

Accurate, flexible billing tools help to ensure timely reimbursement for the services you provide. Qualifacts EHRs simplify claim generation and payer requirements with automation and best-practice workflows. This results in cleaner claims, fewer denials, and improved revenue for our Arizona Partners. 

  • With billing and clinical in one system, your workflows will be smoother, and revenue capture will be fully automated 
  • Powerful rules-based Billing Matrix handles complex program- and payer-specific requirements  
  • Support Arizona State Reporting (AHCCS, SPQM, and Census) to enhance revenue collection efficiency 
  • Integration to Contexture HIE for Arizona
  • Functionality to support AHCCCS Box 19 Billing Requirements
  • Comprehensive billing module accommodates different payment models for MCOs 
  • Claim scrubbers, denial queues, and payment posting ensure precise revenue capture, allowing customers to achieve an average 99% clean bill rate 
  • Save time and promote accuracy with automated claim generation, batching, and submission  
  • Track claims by consumers and programs, generate and edit batches, view real-time financial metrics, and search by payers, providers, service types, and programs 

Simplify state and federal compliance with versatile reporting and analytics tools, starting with comprehensive support for Arizona state reporting. Our state compliance experts will guide you through evolving requirements.

  • Stay compliant with evolving state initiatives that require additional reporting with continuously updated and maintained State Reporting (AHCCS, SPQM, and Census) 
  • Effortlessly comply with relevant laws, incentive programs, such as HIPAA, 42CFR Part 2, Promoting Interoperability, Quality Payment Program (MIPS or APM), CCBHC programs, Value-Based Reimbursement (VBR), and various federal and local regulations 
  • Ongoing system compliance updates, adapting to Arizona state regulatory changes, at no additional cost 
  • Utilize our expertise in meeting state and federal data requirements for administrative, demographics, and outcomes data to be eligible for public funding reimbursement  
  • Access continuous support for data submissions to state authorities 

In today’s digital age, safeguarding client data is essential. Qualifacts offers reliable, highly secure EHR solutions, prioritizing data protection and integrity. Trust us with your data – a responsibility we take seriously. 

  • Qualifacts utilizes securely managed servers in state-of-the-art data centers, guaranteeing maximum data protection 
  • EHR solutions are top-rated by KLAS and are ONC certified  
  • Systems are SSAE16 SOC-1 Type II and SOC-2 Type II Certified 
  • Web-based SaaS models ensure seamless updates and upgrades, minimizing disruptions to your operations 
  • Ongoing SSL encryption for data transmission security and protection from unauthorized access 
  • Systems have ISO Certification, LEED Certification, and Uptime Institute Certifications 
  • Enhance security with Federated Single Sign-On (SSO) via a trusted 3rd-party Identity Provider (IDP) 
  • Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of verification to user logins 

With a comprehensive and growing database of reports and dashboards, along with tools to generate custom reports, dashboards, and visualizations, we streamline data management and drive informed decisions. Get full access to all data critical for compiling and analyzing data received from providers, demonstrating improved outcomes, and better treatment protocols.  

  • Immediately access charts and dashboards, including multiple levels of reporting to help providers achieve clinical outcomes  
  • Drive real-time, ad-hoc reporting and easily access critical information with Advanced Search tools  
  • Advanced reporting and analytics tools provide limitless access to all agency data to evaluate service delivery costs, and make data-driven decisions to drive continuous improvement and operational efficiency 
  • Business Intelligence models to provide real time dashboards for measuring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with the ability to create custom reports, dashboards, and graphical reporting functionality. 
  • Pre-configured and modifiable dashboards for simplifying value-based payments, population health outcomes reporting, and monitoring performance on HEDIS measures 
  • Entire Agency can be viewed at a glance, with the ability to format data and compile from various sources into customized dashboards 

As your organization grows, your EHR should, too. That’s why our EHRs offer configurable data, forms, fields, and dashboards with no version or add-on fees. With that flexibility on your side, your organization can stay under budget and ahead of change. 

  • Work your way with smooth clinical workflows, configurable menus, and smart screens 
  • CCBHC-specific workflows and outcomes tracking capabilities 
  • Eliminate surprise fees or delays with self-service configuration  
  • Simplify Arizona state and federal requirements with intuitive form development tools and integrations with HIEs 
  • User-friendly dashboards integrate clients, outcomes, and program data in one convenient location 
  • Agencies can custom design clinical, compliance and billing workflows, including alerts, to maximize productivity, support compliance, and accelerate the revenue cycle 

CCBHCs provide the community with required services and comply with detailed quality measures and outcomes reporting. CCBHCs need technology that can easily adapt to unique requirements. Our industry-leading EHR solutions offer CCBHC Outcome Measures, Superior Clinical Functionality, Robust Analytics Reporting, Interoperability, and Configurability.  

  • Functionality for Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) and Value-Based Reimbursement (VBR) Models ​
  • CQM Tool for meeting the federal requirements of Clinical Quality Reporting and Reporting for tracking KPIs.​
  • PPS-1 (Prospective Payment System – Type 1) Billing of claims​
  • “First Available” scheduling​
  • Qualifacts subject matter experts provide hands-on guidance and consulting with peer-led CCBHC user groups offering national collaboration to exchange best practices​
  • Our CCBHC strategic partnership includes state-specific knowledge, as well as training and support every step of the way​​
  • Clinical decision support can be built right into your programs and services, ensuring your clinical documentation best practices are integrated into your workflows ​

Qualifacts Difference

We empower providers to focus on the moments that matter by delivering innovation and trusted technology solutions to achieve expectational outcomes for those they serve. We have over 22 years in the behavioral health industry and have knowledgeable leadership who has walked in your shoes, bringing vital clinical and technical experience. We are committed to superior customer service and support. Regardless of your agency’s size, services, or structure, we have a solution that meets your needs. 

Arizona organizations have already begun to experience the Qualifacts difference, taking full advantage of our EHRs to work towards achieving better outcomes, driving efficiencies, maximizing revenue, demonstrating high performance, and preparing for value-based reimbursement. Ready to learn more about how our EHR solutions help our Arizona Partners improve care, simplify compliance, and maximize revenue? Call us today at 866-386-6755.