Behavioral Health & Human Service EHRs for Los Angeles County Providers

Simplifying Care, Compliance, and Performance for Los Angeles County’s Behavioral Health and Human Service Providers

Providers face more hurdles than ever before, including inefficient workflows, County compliance, and emerging Value Based Reimbursement (VBR). As interoperability and reporting requirements evolve, having a comprehensive EHR is vital for coordinating that care with Los Angeles County’s Integrated Behavioral Health Information System (IBHIS), adhering to the objectives and challenges of CalAIM initiatives and behavioral health payment reform. 

Qualifacts offers Los Angeles County tailored EHRs, training, and support to simplify these complexities, allowing you to work more efficiently, maximize revenue, and demonstrate high performance. Our highly configurable, innovative, and scalable EHRs are designed to support providers’ core operations and adapt to the ever-changing landscape.

With extensive experience tailoring EHR platforms for Los Angeles County, we understand the unique requirements and challenges local providers face. That’s why over 100 California providers and County partners choose EHRs by Qualifacts to simplify quality care, improve performance, and ease the burden of compliance every day.

Los Angeles County providers deliver specialized care in a changing landscape – We are focused on providing solutions that improve how CBOs deliver, measure, and monitor services to improve outcomes for California consumers. Call us today at  866-386-6755 or fill out the form to schedule a custom demo directly with a California representative.

Qualifacts by the numbers

  • #1 & #2 Best in KLAS Software 2023
  • 96% Customer Retention
  • 170+ CCBHC Customers
  • 2,500 Customers and 75,000 Providers
  • 8.6 Million Lives Covered
  • $10 Billion Claims Processed Per Year
  • 22+ Years Focused on Behavioral Health 

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Our Capabilities

  • Revenue Cycle
  • Staff Productivity
  • Medical/Psychiatric Support
  • Inpatient/Residential Support
  • Virtual Care Solutions
  • Scheduling & Intake
  • Actionable Data
  • Clinical Outcomes
  • Integrated/Primary Care
  • Compliance & State Reporting
  • Messaging & Notifications
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Form Building
  • Interoperability 
  • Client Engagement
  • Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning
  • Training & Support
  • Professional Services

Why Qualifacts?

To deliver client-centered care and succeed with value-based reimbursement, providers must evolve toward a more collaborative care model. As an IBHIS-certified EHR, Qualifacts CareLogic EHR makes it simple to connect with other systems and organizations. These HIE integrations help providers break down data silos and promote seamless, client-centered care.

  • Streamlined business processes with real-time data flow between the EHR, billing engine, quality improvement, reporting, and administrative dashboards
  • Meet interoperability requirements with Los Angeles County systems via an IBHIS-certified EHR, including IBHIS error management dashboards and automation tools
  • Easily coordinate care with flexible integrations with Health Information Exchanges, other EHRs, and hospitals
  • Full-Service Partnership (FSP) Outcomes Measures Application (OMA) forms and reports to capture data for entry into the County system
  • From assessments to claims, establish a “Golden Thread” linking clinical documentation and client data throughout their care
  • Over 160 standard reports, “population behavioral health” reports, ad-hoc and custom reporting allow users to select filtering criteria, tailoring the report for their needs
  • Comprehensive reporting to track consumer movement and placement across multiple providers and systems to support whole person care

Qualifacts analytics and business intelligence (BI) provide a clear line of sight into every level of client care and outcomes. Highly configurable dashboards and reports provide quick access to the information that matters. With easy-to-use tools and visualizations, you’ll spend more time acting on that data – not extracting it.

  • Gain visibility into performance with metrics-tracking tools and reports tailored for behavioral healthcare and human services
  • Track and demonstrate client outcomes with real-time data, configurable dashboards, and visualizations
  • Access outcome data in an organized and meaningful way with integrated reporting tools
  • Daily access to Clinical Quality Measures through Dashboards, enabling clinicians to assess the impact of utilization and treatment plan changes to optimize outcomes

Qualifacts claim automation and configurable billing tools streamline revenue and reimbursement. Medi-Cal, Short-Doyle billing simplifies compliance, while real-time eligibility checks help increase staff efficiency. As a result, customers experience an average 99% clean bill rate. They also see 8% fewer claim denials and collect receivables 24 days faster than the industry standard.

  • Aligned with CalAIM Behavioral Health Payment Reform billing requirements
  • Meets all billing requirements under Medi-Cal Short-Doyle rules to ensure accurate billing
  • Quickly manage payers, submissions & denials with versatile billing tools
  • Save time with real-time eligibility checks for Medi-Cal and commercial clients
  • Work efficiently with real-time eligibility checks for Medi-Cal & commercial clients
  • Workflows to capture data that supports payer specific requirements to Enhanced Care Management (ECM)
  • Billing and reporting functionality for CCBHC and VBR Models ​​​
  • Predefined California billing rules to support various scenarios (Lockouts)
  • Electronic submission of Medi-Cal Medicare, and third-party claims 
  • Enhanced 835 functionality for California specific requirements
  • California Specific Liability worksheet and expanded liability processing support UMDAP, Share of Cost, and Sliding Fee Scale  
  • Advanced Search, Batch Claim Error Report, and pre-billing checklist help prevent denials
  • Billing integrates service documentation components for claims tracking, batch generation, editing, electronic posting, etc. ​
  • Payment reconciliation and consumer financial reviews with sliding scale and UMDAP calculations ​
  • Generate 837 files for Mental Health Claims (Short Doyle) and SUD Claims – Drug Medi-Cal (DMC) in accordance with Medi-Cal ​

In the office or in the community, capture important data at the point of care. With Qualifacts CareLogic EHR, staff can collect the data that matters with their tablet or laptop, even without an Internet connection. That data is securely uploaded to CareLogic for immediate review, processing, billing, and reporting once a connection is available.

  • Document care from anywhere with fully-disconnected mobile solutions
  • Collect data at the point of care with secure electronic forms
  • Integrate community-based care, scheduling, and paperwork via your tablet or laptop

Qualifacts EHRs fully support Medi-Cal, CalAIM, and other California state reporting requirements. Meet those requirements and more with versatile integrations, best-practice workflows, and ongoing support from our compliance experts.

  • Support value-based care with a Short-Doyle/Medi-Cal system
  • Get personalized support for Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC), Medi-Cal, CalAIM, 21st Century Cures Act, and other federal requirements
  • Drive fast, efficient outcome collection & reporting with configurable reports, forms, and fields

Our platforms help you tailor workflows to your unique needs. From clinical care to reporting, billing, and outcomes collection, it’s all configurable. Whatever your role, our solutions can help you achieve more in less time.

  • Create smooth clinical workflows with configurable forms, reports, dashboards & smart screens
  • Access client, outcome & program data in one convenient location
  • Eliminate surprise fees or delays with self-service configuration of data & workflows
  • More than 400 system forms plus a configurable forms tool allowing the capture of Documation and Travel time data and link to service documentation
  • Aid in clinical decision-making with configurable rules that prompt action based on populations served and set assessments, or recommendations, based upon evidence-based practices
  • Pull data (recommendations, problems, standardized outcome measure scores, lab results) from assessments into the treatment plan to inform development

Qualifacts Difference

We empower providers to focus on the moments that matter by delivering innovation and trusted technology solutions to achieve expectational outcomes for those they serve. We have over 22 years in the behavioral health industry and have knowledgeable leadership who has walked in your shoes, bringing vital clinical and technical experience. We are committed to superior customer service and support. Regardless of your agency’s size, services, or structure, we have a solution that meets your needs.

Los Angeles organizations have already begun to experience the Qualifacts difference, taking full advantage of our EHRs to work towards achieving better outcomes, driving efficiencies, maximizing revenue, demonstrating high performance, and preparing for value-based reimbursement. Ready to learn more about how our EHR solutions help our Los Angeles Partners improve care, simplify compliance, and maximize revenue? Call us today at 866-386-6755.