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Revenue Performance Advisor

Optimize your revenue cycle

From pre-service to post-service, Revenue Performance Advisor (RPA) from Change Healthcare (now part of Optum) enables you to improve customer experience, minimize revenue leakage, maximize timely reimbursements, and reduce the time needed for administrative functions.

Revenue Performance Advisor helps: 

  • Facilitate expedited payer reimbursements 
  • Streamline claims workflows and improve productivity 
  • Reduce rejections and denials 
  • Lower collection costs and days in A/R 
  • Enhance patient satisfaction 
  • Increase visibility into opportunities for practice improvements

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RCM Capabilities

  • Eligibility: Both batch and real-time eligibility requests are built into RPA. Real-time eligibility can be completed without leaving your EHR.  
  • Claims and Remits: Sent to RPA and then onto the payer for adjudication. 
  • Medical Attachments: Clinical documentation for claims needing medical attachments can be sent directly to the payer from RPA.  
  • Paper Claims: RPA handles the generation and mailing of paper claims to payers who mandate this format. Additionally, your billing staff can print paper claims onto HCFA-1500 and UB04 paper claim forms for mailing to payers.
  • Billing Workflow Support: RPA enables the creation of work queues for billing teams and leadership to assign, manage, and track daily billing tasks.  
  • Denials Management and Appeals: RPA maximizes revenue for services provided through extensive denials management and appeal letter capabilities to ease the process of managing rejected claims.  
  • Claims Status Inquiry (CSI): Available in RPA at no additional charge.  
  • Reporting and Analytics: Financial reporting specific to RCM needs is built in from day one. 
  • Advanced Reporting Capabilities and Benchmarking Analytics: Available for an additional cost.  

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