End-to-End EHR Solutions for Behavioral Health & Human Services

In the complex world of behavioral health, where requirements vary greatly based on the county, state, CCBHC status, and more, there is one name you can always trust: Qualifacts.

As a behavioral health provider, your dedication to serving the most vulnerable and marginalized members of our communities, often with limited resources, inspires us—and your mission is our mission.  

Qualifacts empowers organizations like yours with data-driven tools designed to support the comprehensive treatment of the whole person, while simplifying your clinical, administrative, billing, and reporting workflows, from end-to-end. 

Regardless of your organization’s size, structure, segments, and service lines, we can help you improve care delivery, staff productivity, and revenue with our highly configurable, scalable solutions and proven expertise. 

  • Configurable: EHRs that can adapt to your agency’s unique workflows, programs, and organizational needs  
  • Revenue: Accelerated revenue collection by up to 70% with seamless integration of billing and claims management, reducing administrative burdens, and minimizing errors 
  • Analytics: Access to all critical data with advanced analytics for tracking KPIs, cost evaluation, data-driven decision-making, and cost saving operational efficiency 
  • Compliance: Up to date and well-maintained content for state reporting and CCBHC compliance 
  • User-Friendly: Easy-to-use, agency-specific workflows with minimal clicks for an efficient and intuitive staff experience 
  • Documentation: Simplified clinical documentation with intuitive interfaces, mobile solutions, clinical decision support tools, and evidence-based assessments 
  • Client Engagement: Optional integrated virtual care platform to deliver telehealth services, capture consent, and automate client engagement via custom-branded patient portal 
  • Interoperability: EHR seamlessly integrates with HIEs, RHIOs, labs, and other systems 
  • Outcomes: Robust tools for Clinical Quality Measures (CQM) and Business Intelligence (BI) enable the configuration of real-time data dashboards for tracking and demonstrating population health outcomes 

Qualifacts is the only end-to-end EHR provider dedicated to serving behavioral health and human services organizations—simplifying, streamlining, and supporting you every step of the way.  

We are more than just an EHR vendor. We are your partners for innovation and growth, helping you deliver the best care possible, now and far into the future. 

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Qualifacts by the numbers

  • #1 & #2 Best in KLAS Software 2023 
  • 96% Customer Retention 
  • 170+ CCBHC Customers 
  • 2,500 Customers and 75,000 Providers 
  • 8.6 Million Lives Covered 
  • $10 Billion Claims Processed Per Year 
  • 22+ Years Focused on Behavioral Health 

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Our Capabilities

  • Virtual Care 
    • Patient Portal 
    • Patient Engagement 
    • Telehealth 
  • Billing and Administrative 
    • Credentialing  
    • Revenue Cycle Management 
    • Analytics and Reporting 
    • System Administration  
  • Clinical Management 
    • Assessment Tools 
    • Treatment Planning 
    • Therapy (SOAP) Notes 
  • Professional Services 
    • Training 
    • Consulting 
    • BI Dashboard Services 
    • …and more! 

EHRs Tailored to Your Specific Needs

Qualifacts offers highly configurable, scalable EHR solutions to support behavioral health and human services providers from end-to-end. 

Specifically for Arizona providers, we also offer:  

  • Comprehensive billing module that is adaptable to various MCO and VBR payment models 
  • Full support of Arizona State Reporting (AHCCS, SPQM, and Census, etc.) and CCBHC requirements 
  • Powerful rules-based Billing Matrix for complex program and funder-specific requirements, including for managing multiple payers and rate cards  
  • Integration to Contexture HIE for Arizona, including Outbound ADT message type comprising SMI data  
  • Rigorous security and compliance standards to ensure a secure environment for your EHR  


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We’re your California EHR partner, providing solutions to meet Medi-Cal and CalAIM requirements to over 160 provider agencies and 17 counties.  

Qualifacts EHRs provide:  

  • Flexibility to adapt to changing regulations and alignment with CalAIM initiatives 
  • Versatile integrations (LANES, SacValley, etc.) to facilitate care coordination 
  • A Short-Doyle/Medi-Cal Billing Module with integration to IBHIS 
  • Real-time eligibility checks for both Medi-Cal and commercial clients 
  • Configurable forms for statewide Screening and Transition tools for both Adult and Youth screening, as well as transition of care 
  • California-specific 837 file functionality and 835 processing capabilities 
  • Liability worksheet and expanded liability processing capabilities that support handling for UMDAP, Share of Cost, and Sliding Fee Scale 


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We offer Florida’s behavioral health providers tailored EHR solutions, helping over 150 satisfied customers in the state improve compliance, streamline operations, and enhance care.   

Our Florida capabilities, include:  

  • Automatic claim creation and validation for swift reimbursement 
  • Comprehensive assistance for State Reporting (FASAMS) and CCBHC requirements 
  • An interface tailored to the specific clinical, billing, and management needs of Inpatient and Residential programs 
  • eMAR module that seamlessly links medication administration to billing 
  • e-Prescribing (eRx) module with a secure HIPAA-compliant connection between your agency and your patients’ pharmacy 


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As data collection and reporting requirements constantly evolve, having a robust EHR with data insights becomes vital for Illinois agencies in their decision-making and ongoing quality improvements. 

Here are just some of the reasons Illinois providers choose Qualifacts EHRs:   

  • Best-practice reporting modules simplify compliance (IM+CANS, HRA, DARTS, SUPR, etc.) 
  • Integrations that facilitate care coordination with HIEs, RHIOs, physical health, and wrap-around services 
  • Compliance with VP-CST program’s additional reporting requirements 
  • Configuration of outcome dashboards for real-time data tracking on HEDIS measures and demonstrating population health outcome 
  • Flexible EPCS, eMAR, and Bed Management tools


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Let Qualifacts be your trusted Minnesota partner for innovative behavioral health EHR solutions, empowering your agency’s success with end-to-end software solutions, including:  

  • Support for State Reporting (DAANES and MHIS) 
  • Integration with Koble-MN HIO to enhance care coordination 
  • Daily access to Clinical Quality Measures through dashboards, enabling clinicians to assess the impact of utilization 
  • Rules-based billing tools for efficient management of payers, submissions, and denials 
  • Configurable reporting to ensure culturally-specific and culturally-responsive treatment services for substance use disorder programs  


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We partner with Missouri providers, offering tailored EHR solutions that not only meet state requirements but also empower success in the ever-changing behavioral health landscape.  

Qualifacts EHRs  offer Missouri providers: 

  • Comprehensive support for State Reporting (CIMOR) and CCBHC requirements 
  • Integration with CLIVE and Missouri Care Manager Care to enhance coordination and claims validation 
  • Incorporation of American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria 
  • Sophisticated analytics for monitoring KPIs and evaluating service costs related to clinical outcomes 
  • Inpatient and integrated Primary Care modules to strengthen continuity and quality of care


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North Carolina providers require cutting-edge, adaptable EHR support to navigate ever-changing state and federal requirements. Our tailored solutions simplify operations and maximize results.  

Our North Carolina capabilities, include: 

  • A comprehensive billing module that accommodates different payment models for LMEs and MCOs 
  • Adaptable modules that support state mandates and can be configured for quality metrics and outcomes 
  • Functionality to support State Health Homes, PCMH programs, CCBHCs, and VBR Models 
  • Seamless integration with HealthConnex HIE, RHIOs, and other systems 
  • Secure data sharing, including HL7 v.2.5 ADT and XML CCD/C-CDA messages, utilizing VPN outbound and SFTP inbound transmission 


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New Jersey behavioral health and human services data needs are constantly evolving. Our comprehensive EHR platforms are designed to support informed decision-making and improve the quality of care.  

Here are just some of the reasons New Jersey providers choose Qualifacts:   

  • Full support for State Reporting, including QCMR, USTF, ICMS, PCS, SH, and OP 
  • Customizable reporting and billing modules that support state-mandated Value-Based Care models 
  • Cutting-edge analytics for monitoring KPIs and assessing clinical outcome-related service costs 
  • Seamless integration of The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Criteria for determining SUD treatment levels 
  • Automated claim generation, batching, and submission 


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In New York, organizations are experiencing the Qualifacts difference, optimizing EHRs for improved outcomes, efficiency, revenue, performance, and value-based reimbursement models.  

Qualifacts offers New York tailored EHRs, training, and support, including:  

  • Versatile integrations with RHIOs (Healthix, HEALTHeLINK, Bronx, Rochester, etc.) to facilitate care coordination 
  • Continuous system compliance and maintenance of New York State Reporting requirements for OMH, OASAS, and OPWDD 
  • An Outcomes Reporting Platform ideal for New York State incentive based DSRIP programs 
  • Integrated Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) capabilities that support eMedNY’s NYSDOH Medicaid Management Information System integration 
  • Intuitive residential features for quick bed search and placement, bed holds, and census reporting  


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Qualifacts is Ohio’s leading provider of Behavioral Health EHR solutions with over 250 satisfied customers, empowering agencies to thrive in a dynamic environment.  

Why Qualifacts is the ideal partner:  

  • Extensive knowledge of Ohio’s unique healthcare landscape, with proven track record in enhancing their clinical operations 
  • Seamless integrations with ClinicSync, HealthBridge, and i2i Population Health 
  • Full compliance with Ohio-specific reporting requirements, including OHBIS and ODM Medicaid changes 
  • Business Intelligence capabilities that enable real-time tracking of CANS, HEDIS measures, and population health outcomes 
  • Billing systems that can be modified in real-time to adapt to Ohio’s ever-changing ODM requirements  


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We understand the needs of Pennsylvania’s behavioral health and human service provider, with over 200 organizations in the state choosing Qualifacts EHRs for specialized reporting and value-based reimbursement.  

Qualifacts offers end-to-end software solutions for Pennsylvania providers, including:   

  • EHR-integrated, mobile tools that can be used with or without internet and EVV integrations designed for IBHS and HCBS providers 
  • Support for ICWC requirements with flexible forms, reports, and workflows 
  • Real-time financial metrics viewable by payers, providers, service types, and programs 
  • Full support for state and local reporting (POMS, RIMS, MHX, Bucks County, etc.) 
  • Integrated Primary Care module to bolster continuity and quality of care through the sharing of medical information 


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Texas behavioral health and human service organizations demand more from their technology. Having the right tools is important, but having a vendor with the flexibility to anticipate and embrace change is essential.  

With over 100 Texas customers, we specialize in tailoring our solutions and support to help Texas providers thrive. Our Texas capabilities, include: 

  • Texas State Reporting with ongoing system compliance 
  • Tracking of claims by consumers and programs, including the ability to generate and edit batches 
  • Functionality for Texas-specific T-CCBHC and VBR Models 
  • Support for CARE Batching, CMBHS Batching, Encounter Data, and T-Kids Reporting 
  • Over 145 forms, including templates designed to merge data from service documents into state-specific formats 
  • Reporting tools to manage your A&B visits with fiscal year summaries and client specifics 
  • Encounter, Appointment Type, Visit Classification, and Crisis fields that appear in visit information and are used as matching criteria in billing and revenue code matrices 


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About Qualifacts

We empower providers to focus on the moments that matter by delivering innovation and trusted technology solutions to achieve expectational outcomes for those they serve. With more than 20 years of experience in the behavioral health industry, our knowledgeable leadership has walked in your shoes, bringing vital clinical and technical expertise to the table.  

Ready to learn more about how our EHR solutions help agencies improve care, simplify compliance, and maximize revenue? Join our rapidly growing community of satisfied customers who have entrusted their EHR needs to Qualifacts.