Behavioral Health & Human Service EMRs for Texas

Delivering Industry-Leading Tools and Expert Partnership to Texas Behavioral Healthcare and Human Services Providers

Between the challenges of state reporting, mobile documentation and revenue cycle management, Texas behavioral health and human service organizations need more from their technology than ever. The right tools are one thing but having a vendor with the flexibility to stay ahead of change is another. 

Qualifacts EHR/EMR platforms are tailored to Texas providers’ needs, from configurable forms for optimized workflows and state reporting to disconnected mobile solutions. Our platforms allow you to achieve accurate billing the first time and meet state reporting requirements. Our system achieves over 99% first bill acceptance, providing you with less rework.

With over 100 Texas customers, we specialize in tailoring our solutions and support to help Texas providers thrive. We continuously innovate our EHR solutions, provide exceptional customer support, and offer the necessary tools to help you deliver quality care and transform lives. 

Call us today at  866-386-6755 or fill out the form to schedule a custom demo directly with a Texas representative. Join our growing community of customers who trust Qualifacts’ comprehensive suite of end-to-end EHR solutions. With Qualifacts as your partner, you’re not just getting an EHR – you’re gaining a trusted ally dedicated to your success.

Qualifacts by the numbers

  • #1 & #2 Best in KLAS Software 2023
  • 96% Customer Retention
  • 170+ CCBHC Customers
  • 2,500 Customers and 75,000 Providers
  • 8.6 Million Lives Covered
  • $10 Billion Claims Processed Per Year
  • 22+ Years Focused on Behavioral Health 

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Our Capabilities

  • Revenue Cycle
  • Staff Productivity
  • Medical/Psychiatric Support
  • Inpatient/Residential Support
  • Virtual Care Solutions
  • Scheduling & Intake
  • Actionable Data
  • Clinical Outcomes
  • Integrated/Primary Care
  • Compliance & State Reporting
  • Messaging & Notifications
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Form Building
  • Interoperability 
  • Client Engagement
  • Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning
  • Training & Support
  • Professional Services

Why Qualifacts?

To deliver quality, whole-person care in their communities, Texas providers need EMR tools tailored to today’s behavioral healthcare. Qualifacts’ flexible treatment plans, assessments, and versatile integrations can help. We simplify care coordination and documentation so you can spend more time with clients and less on paperwork.

  • Meet unique client needs with configurable assessments, treatment plans, Electronic Medication Administration Records (eMAR), and Bed Management tools
  • Seamlessly coordinate care via flexible integrations with labs, Electronic Prescription of Controlled Substances (EPCS) modules
  • Promote interoperability with integrations to Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) and other providers
  • Align clinical documentation with an EHR that pulls data through every step of the care process

From automating claims to managing new payers, Qualifacts EHRs simplify, fast, accurate revenue collection. Our rules-based billing tools help our Texas Partners configure to meet their financial goals. The results? Customers experience an average of 8% fewer claim denials and collect receivables 24 days faster than the industry standard.

  • Improve revenue with an average 99% clean bill rate
  • Meet varied payer needs with an integrated, configurable billing module
  • Save time and ensure accuracy with automated claim generation, batching & submission
  • With billing and clinical in one system, your workflows will be smoother, and revenue capture will be fully automated 
  • Powerful rules-based Billing Matrix handles complex program- and payer-specific requirements  
  • Comprehensive billing module accommodates different payment models for MCOs 
  • Claim scrubbers, denial queues, and payment posting ensure precise revenue capture, allowing customers to achieve an average 99% clean bill rate 
  • Save time and promote accuracy with automated claim generation, batching, and submission  
  • Track claims by consumers and programs, generate and edit batches, view real-time financial metrics, and search by payers, providers, service types, and programs 

When working with clients outside the office, timely data capture means everything. That’s why Qualifacts lets Texas providers access client records, document visits, and adjust schedules at the point of care, even without an Internet connection. Our mobile tools will sync that data when a connection becomes available for immediate review, processing & billing.

  • Rely on fully-disconnected mobile solutions for community care
  • Collect signatures at the point of care with secure electronic forms
  • Integrate community-based care, scheduling & paperwork from almost any handheld, tablet, laptop, or mobile device

We help Texas providers simplify compliance with configurable reporting tools and proactive guidance. That begins with full support for Texas state and federal requirements and tailored guidance from our state compliance experts.

    • Simplify compliance and workflows with Texas Community Center state reporting support and outcomes tracking
    • Count on ongoing guidance for 21st Century Cures Act and federal incentive program requirements
    • Efficiently access and report on data with configurable dashboards, forms, and fields
    • Robust analytics dashboards help you improve outcomes with data-driven insights

Qualifacts EHR’s unmatched flexibility helps Texas providers meet their unique workflow needs as they grow. You’ll always be up-to-date with the ability to configure data, forms, fields, and dashboards. And with our cloud-based solutions, there are no version fees to worry about.

  • Work your way with smooth clinical workflows, configurable menus & smart screens
  • Eliminate surprise fees or delays with self-service configuration
  • Simplify Texas state and federal requirements with intuitive form development tools
  • Fast, proven implementation, with support from data migration to configuration, testing, and go-live

Texas CCBHCs provide the community with required services and comply with detailed quality measures and outcomes reporting. CCBHCs need technology that can easily adapt to unique requirements. Our industry-leading EHR solutions offer CCBHC Outcome Measures, Superior Clinical Functionality, Robust Analytics Reporting, Interoperability, and Configurability.  

  • Functionality for Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) and Value-Based Reimbursement (VBR) Models ​
  • CQM Tool for meeting the federal requirements of Clinical Quality Reporting and Reporting for tracking KPIs.​
  • PPS-1 (Prospective Payment System – Type 1) Billing of claims​
  • “First Available” scheduling​
  • Qualifacts subject matter experts provide hands-on guidance and consulting with peer-led CCBHC user groups offering national collaboration to exchange best practices​
  • Our CCBHC strategic partnership includes state-specific knowledge, as well as training and support every step of the way​​
  • Clinical decision support can be built right into your programs and services, ensuring your clinical documentation best practices are integrated into your workflows ​

Qualifacts Difference

At Qualifacts, we empower healthcare providers to focus on the moments that truly matter by delivering innovative and trusted technology solutions that yield exceptional outcomes for those they serve. With over 22 years of experience in the behavioral health industry, our knowledgeable leadership team has walked in your shoes, bringing invaluable clinical and technical expertise to the table. Our unwavering commitment to superior customer service and support sets us apart. No matter the size, services, or structure of your agency, we have a solution tailored to meet your unique needs.

In Texas, organizations have already embraced the Qualifacts difference, harnessing the full potential of our Electronic Health Records (EHRs) to drive better outcomes, enhance operational efficiency, maximize revenue, showcase high-performance standards, and prepare for value-based reimbursement models. Are you ready to discover how our EHR solutions can empower our Texas partners to elevate care, simplify compliance, and optimize revenue? Contact us today at 866-386-6755.